5 things to do in…Iceland

I really loved my trip to Iceland, which you can read about here, as it was such a different landscape to anywhere I had been before. I was only there for 3 days so managed to cram in the Golden Circle, the Blue Lagoon and a quick night drive around Reykjavik. I wish I had had more time in Iceland to do some more outdoorsy activities, although being in winter, I would have to be fully prepared. I would love to go to Iceland again in the Summer to experience the difference. Here is 5 things you can do to get your outdoor senses pumping.

1) Take a horse riding tour
Iceland is known for their very hardy horses which live outside all year long. They’re also really friendly as they’re often used for trekking tours. Being a keen animal lover this is something I would have especially loved to experience, but even though I didn’t, I still managed to make a couple of friends.

2) Go skiing
If you’re into your skiing Iceland might not be the first place you think of, but when we drove past the slopes looked lovely all lit up with the lift going up and down and there were hardly any people on it! Would definitely give you a different experience to the packed slopes of France and Italy.

3) Hike a glacier
This one is on the more adventurous side and you have to travel a bit further out of Reykjavik. There are a variety of day tours or longer ones if you fancy it, and will give you an unforgettable experience I doubt many of your friends will have done! This operator looks good and they also have a great selection of other activities to do! There will be plenty of operators though, just a quick Google will do the trick.

4) SCUBA Diving
I didn’t realise Iceland was good for SCUBA Diving either. When I went to the crack between the North Atlantic and Eurasia plate I was told that the lake that is in between is really good for diving and you can literally say you have dived between two continents! Not something for the fainthearted or claustrophobic I imagine, and it’s probably one for the summer time too…but it’s definitely something I would have considered if I had enough time. If the SCUBA Diving doesn’t take your fancy you can also snorkel. Check out this site or this site if you’re interested. You may well need to have a SCUBA certificate already though.

5) Whale spotting
Minke and Humpback are the most commonly spotted whales off the coast of Reykjavik and are a spectacular sight. I’ve only ever seen Shamu in Florida and looking back on it, I don’t agree with it. As good as it is to be able to introduce children to such magnificent animals, the tanks are just too small in my opinion. I much prefer ‘safari zoos’ but seeing them in the wild would be incredible.

Whale watching [Image from http://www.gentlegiants.is/home/]

Whale watching
[Image from http://www.gentlegiants.is/home/%5D

Hope you enjoyed the post, and if you have any other recommendations, feel free to share!


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