The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

We arrived in Iceland late afternoon in February so it was already getting dark. After a stuffy flight, heading straight to the Blue Lagoon is a fantastic way to get refreshed and relax. It’s not far from the airport and is only a small detour from the direct route to Reykjavik.

As you drive up the gritty road you are able to see the ‘old’ lagoon, which is much smaller, and since the lagoon has become so popular it is no longer in use, favoured by a larger pool where there is even a bar in the middle. You pay for the drinks with the wrist band you get, which is also your locker ‘key’, so no need to worry about taking money into the pool.


The old Lagoon that is no longer open to the public



The lagoon has been landscaped so there are plenty of connecting ‘water corridors’ and bridges. Along the edge of the pool there are boxes with great ladles that you use to scoop a dollop of mud to use as a face mask. The lagoon itself and the mud have certain types of algae in which are known to be beneficial for skin. The lagoon also has a dermatology centre where people from all over the world come for specialist spa breaks. It is particularly good for people with psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Solène, Sophie and I with our cold beers in the warm lagoon!

Solène, Sophie and I with our cold beers in the warm lagoon!
[Photo by Ling Tsai]

After our time in the lagoon I felt fresh as a daisy (albeit a tad sleepy) and made sure to raid the sample pots of their skincare range in the gift shop! Later on we went for dinner and in the pictures my face looked really shiny! Who cares though, it was good for the skin.

If you ever go to Iceland this is an absolute MUST. You just can’t go there and not make it to the Blue Lagoon!


3 responses to “The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

  1. Your post brought back great memories – it’s a must on an Iceland visit. My group and I visited on our way to the airport. I was feeling sick with a cold and was not going to go in but I felt so much better and fresh (like a daisy is good comparison!), I was ready for the long flight home! I am so glad I did it. I would have regretted it if I had not! Keep traveling!

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