Preikestolen and Stavanger

This past weekend I went with two friends from Germany and the Czech Republic to hike Preikestolen; a look out point over Lysefjord on Norway’s west coast.

We caught the train from Oslo to Stavanger, which took about 8 hours. It was long, but when I wasn’t napping or reading, I was treated to some great views.

After arriving in Stavanger we caught a ferry to Tau and then a bus to our camping site. All in all it was about 12 hours from start to finish! We set up our tent and sleeping bags and had some dinner, which consisted of sandwiches, before hitting the hay.

After a not so restful nights sleep it was time for our hike! We packed our backpacks and set off up the road to the start of the trail.



Even after the first short climb from the start of the trail, we got some great views over the lake below. After every heavy climb the trail plateaued which gave us a nice place to take a quick break, have some water and admire the scenery.

DSC_0623 DSC_0621


The weather when we started was pretty cloudy, but not too grey and it only improved as we got closer to the top. We were really lucky with the weather as it can be temperamental in this region and the day before and after were overcast and a bit foggy.

The photo below shows a part of the steepest climb. There wasn’t a path as such just boulders we had to clamber over to get to the top. They were all pretty sturdy though and there were no problems. There were even a few dogs, too. All this climbing meant that we all drank quite a lot and I only had a 500ml bottle with me. It was no problem though, I just filled it up when I saw a stream. The water is so clear here and probably cleaner than your own tap water. It was lovely and cold and refreshing.


Once we got to the top of this section we had some great views. The mountains were mostly snow capped and we could see for miles.



A lake still frozen in early May

A lake still frozen in early May

After 10km and about 3.5 hours, we finally made it to the famous Pulpit Rock, or Preikestolen.


Sat on the edge, 600m up

Sat on the edge, 600m up

It really took your breath away and I have just never had a view like it. And it’s so much sweeter when you put effort in to get there.

I was pretty hot from all the climbing but as soon as you stop and sit down it quickly gets cold again, especially with a bit of wind. We sat down and had some apples and more sandwiches; peanut butter with jam, cheese and salami and nutella! We had quite a selection. Before leaving we took pictures, and there was even a queue to get to the edge. We took one last look before setting off on the 10km back down to our campsite.

The next day we had yet more sandwiches for breakfast – I went through a whole loaf in 3 days! and managed to see a little bit of Stavanger before hopping on the train back to Oslo.

Stavanger Cathedral

Stavanger Cathedral


The Harbour Front

The city

The city


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