5 things to do in…Oslo

Having lived in Oslo for nearly 10 months, I have done all the touristy stuff and more. If you’re planning on visiting Oslo, here are some things you might like to do.

1) Vigeland Park

This is the statue park which is about a 5minute walk from Majorstuen metro stop. On a sunny day it’s a really nice place to go and have a wander, plus you can do some shopping in Majorstuen or grab a coffee and pastry.


2) Go sledding!

This only really counts for the winter months, obviously, but it is great fun! I took my parents and they loved it! My Dad whizzed off into the distance whilst Mum bobbed down at her own leisurely pace. The track is actually the 1952 Olympic Bob Sled track but it’s not as scary as it sounds. There are 5 year old’s doing it. The track is about 2km I think and when you get to the bottom there’s a metro stop to take you straight back up! You can go as many times as you like and to hire the sled is about £14 each. Kinda pricey but this is Norway. There is also a great old wooden building that is now a cafe and it has a fantastic view over the city and into the fjords. You can grab a hot chocolate and piece of apple cake to warm up.


3) Opera House

The Opera House is one of Oslo’s most famous buildings. You can walk up to the top of it and get views over the city and over the fjords.  If you’re into Ballet and other performances then it’s a great place to go for an evening.

The Opera House

The Opera House

4) Get a ferry to an island

In the Summer the ferries run every half hour or so and they are included if you get an Oslo Travel Pass. Me and my friend took a picnic one time and just walked up to the top of this little island, sat down, and had lunch with an amazing view. Turned out to be the nudist side of the island. Don’t ask how we know that.


Our view

Our view

5) Kon-tiki Museum on Bygdøy Island

Bygdoy Island has nearly all the musuems, along with the famous Viking Ship museum, although in my opinion it wasn’t that good. Just some artifiacts and it was more expensive than Kon-tiki which had interactive things to do.

The Kon-tiki is a ship that a Norwegian used to sail from Peru to Easter Island in an attempt to prove his research. There was recently a film released of the story of Kon-tiki which I actually found quite interesting.

The Island is pretty small so you just walk from one museum to the next and it’s quite picturesque.

The Viking Ship

The Viking Ship

Kon-tiki museum

Kon-tiki museum

Scenery on Bygdøy

Scenery on Bygdøy

Let me know if you’ve been to these places and if you have anything to add!


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