Eating out alone

So I know there are plenty of people who find it weird to go out alone, like to the cinema let alone a restaurant. Well this past weekend I visited Copenhagen on my own and was forced to embrace my own company. I’m not the kind of person who minds being on their own but I have never actually gone to a restaurant alone before. I was kind of nervous and wondered what I would do whilst waiting for courses. Would people look at me and think i’m a loner?

Well, I took my book.

Turns out, it’s actually really nice. After a good morning and a half of walking my feet into the ground, I sat outside in the sun at Nyhaven, made sure to order myself a large beer, and drink it slowly so I could stay there as long as I pleased without feeling guilty. I got through 3 chapters of Game of Thrones and thoroughly enjoyed some people watching.

Lunch at Nyhaven, Copenhagen

Lunch at Nyhaven, Copenhagen

Later that evening I got Thai food for dinner and cosied up in a corner with my book before retreating to my hostel cubby hole.

So, if you’re faced with some time alone, embrace it! A book and a beer will solve most problems.


4 responses to “Eating out alone

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  2. I enjoy hanging out at restaurants / cafes / bars on my own every now and then. A good book + some nibbles / alcohol always keep me quite happy under these circumstances :)

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