5 things to do in…Bergen

Bergen is a charming little city on the West coast of Norway, you can read my previous post about it here.

If you’re really savvy and pushed for time, you could probably do all this in a day – a very long day, but a day nonetheless. I, however, prefer a bit more of a leisurely pace so would recommend 2 or even 3 days to fully enjoy it. This also increases your chances of getting a sunny day, as Bergen is known for it’s cloud and rain.

1) Take the Floibanen to the top of the mountain for great views

View from the top of the Floibanen

View from the top of the Floibanen

If you get some good weather then you will really be in for a treat, if the weather’s average, you’ll still get some good shots, and if the weather’s crappy, well you can’t go to Bergen without going on the Floibanen so get over it.

2) Ride Siri the train

Siri the ‘tschu-tschu’ train takes you up the winding roads that climb the south-facing mountain across Bergen. It makes periodic stops so you can get some good photos and gives a running commentary that you just have to pretend you can hear over the engine.

Siri the train

Siri the train

3) Visit the Aquarium

The Bergen Aquarium is pretty small, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. They have Penguins, Sea Lions, mini monkeys and all kinds of reptiles from Crocodiles (or maybe Alligators..?) to Iguanas.

It’s a bit out of the way from central Bergen but there is a bus and you even go down Bergen’s very own Red Light District. You read that right.

Chubby Penguin

Chubby Penguin

King of the Rock

King of the Rock



Big fella

Big fella

4) Eat at the Fish Market

Bergen, being a port, is well known for it’s fishing industry. As a result there is a great market selling all kinds of seafood and there are also plenty of stalls to grab some fresh lunch. I am a big advocate of trying local cuisine so went for the Whale meat kebab and fresh Crab. It was delicious. The whale meat is a real deep red, rich meat and i’m sure has a lot more protein and nutrients than supermarket cow. If you’re veggie, then I guess you could buy some lettuce (in all seriousness, why? No, seriously, you’ll still find something yummy to eat at the many restaurants along the water).

This was between two by the way...

This was between two by the way…

It also came with a lemon wedge and me being the smart cookie that I am didn’t actually use it to squeeze onto the crab. Unless there is a sink readily available, I save this until the end. Getting crab meat from the shell is finger business and you end up with deliciously smelly fingers. However, I do not wish to walk around as a nose beacon of crab so I use the lemon and squeeze it into my hands and rub in. It cleans your fingers leaving them smelling fresh. You’re welcome.

5) Walk along Bryggen

This is sort of a given but I imagine there are plenty of people who take a picture of it and walk on. The multi-coloured, wooden buildings are definitely a treat for the camera, but the little alleyways that run inbetween are also really interesting. Just take a wander.




If you’ve got any more recommendations for what to do in Bergen, let me know!


5 responses to “5 things to do in…Bergen

  1. I love your 5 things series! I have a friend visiting Bergen at the end of the month and am going to point her to your blog!

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