5 things to do in…Budapest

1. Szechenyi Baths
There are a number of different pools here, some outside, some inside. There is also a sauna and steam room. I went in the evening in December so it was really cold, but lovely when you were in the water. Pretty cheap and it’s a great way to warm up and do something different on a city break.

2. Take the Funicular up to Buda Castle

One one side of the river is Pest, Buda on the other. On the Buda side near the Szechenyi Bridge, you can take the Funicular up the hill to Buda Castle. It gives you some great views over Pest, the Danube River and the Stunning Parliament building.

3. Ride the Metro!

The Budapest Metro is the 2nd oldest electric underground railway in the world, and is only about 2 meters underground! It’s old and clattery and worth a ride. Perhaps take it to Andrassy Avenue where you can go shopping or eat dinner? The circus chime every time it stops really adds to the old atmosphere.

4. Gerbeaud’s Bistro

This is in the central square in Pest and is a must see for Budapest. The place has high ceilings with mirrors and shiny wood everywhere. The array of cakes, macaroons and chocolates make great snacks and gifts. Everything is made in house and they even have their own restaurant with home made beer downstairs!

5. House of Terror

This is a museum on Andrassy Ut which depicts the communist and fascist era of Hungary. Bit of a macabre activity but it’s really interesting to learn a bit of Hungary’s history.

BONUS ACTIVITY: Christmas Markets

This one obviously only applies if you go in December but the markets are well worth a visit – you can get everything from hand crafted angels, to pottery and food stuffs, which are all great for gifts. The market’s also a fun and cheap place to get some traditional food and warm up.

If you’ve been to Budapest and have any other suggestions, leave a comment :)


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