On my year abroad I was part of INSA (International Student Association) of BI, the university I studied at. They were great at organising trips for us around Norway and we even went to Iceland.

We got the train from Oslo to Bergen which took about 6 hours but was an absolutely stunning journey. Supposedly one of the most scenic routes in Europe and I understood why. We saw dark blue water in the fjords and snow covered terrain in the mountains. It was spectacular and I would highly recommend it.

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Once we arrived we did a quick scout around to get a feel for the place. Bergen is known for being rainy but it has a more temperate climate than other parts of Norway, being on the coast. Luckily for us it only drizzled and we were even blessed with some parted clouds.


Taking a little train around Bergen that winded up the hill to the 'posh parts'

Taking a little train around Bergen that winded up the hill to the ‘posh parts’

One of the main attractions in Bergen is taking the Floibanen to the viewing point on one of the mountains that surround Bergen.

Entrance to the Floibanen

Entrance to the Floibanen

View from the top of the Floibanen

View from the top of the Floibanen

Coming back down the Floibanen

Coming back down the Floibanen

We also visited the Bergen aquarium. It’s pretty small but I love animals so I was happy to mooch about and feel like I was making some friends of a different species. We saw Penguins, Sea Lions, Seals, Crocodiles, tiny Monkeys and lots of Snakes and Lizards. I wanted to hold one of the Bearded Dragons but apparently i’m not 9. I didn’t have the guts to barge through the sea of kids and ask the employee if it was my turn, so I swooned on by.

Part of Bergen’s charm is the famous row of different coloured houses that sell souvenirs and the like. It’s lovely to walk down, and the ‘streets’ that go inbetween are pretty cool.

'Street' inbetween the hosues

‘Street’ inbetween the houses

Bergen Harbour front

Bergen Harbour front

One of the group leaders is from there and her Dad had a small boat so we went out on this little boat in two groups with chocolate, bread and lemonade. Her Dad knew all about the history of Bergen which was great so we got to know a thing or two. There is apparently a race that people take part in every year where you have to climb the stairs up the whole mountain side as quickly as possible. This is what Norwegians do for fun. I feel lazy.

As our visit came to a close we went to a traditional Norwegian restaurant before hitting the Bergen bars. Not that I drink much in Norway, alcohol is sooo expensive.


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