A weekend in Gothenburg

Me and my friend Louise decided to visit Sweden whilst doing our year abroad’s in Oslo. We got the train from Oslo-Gothenburg-Stockholm-Oslo and it was a great weekend.

We used Airbnb to find ourselves some nice accommodation and then crammed in as much as we could. Gothenburg was great, although we did run out of things to do by day 3 (we’re crammers). We walked the old town streets in search of some vintage bargains and pretzels bigger than our face.


To burn that off we climbed a hill with a little fort on the top to get some Panoramic views.


Me and Louise are also great Flea Market goers. Part of our planning for the trip was searching for the best flea markets to go to so we managed to pick up some Swedish finds whilst we were there too.

Next on our list was the Natural History Museum. It was a bit of a walk away and we had to navigate through the park of endless paths to find it, but we weren’t disappointed with the taxidermy…


To end our stay in Gothenburg we just had a nice walk around. The weather was lovely and all the Autumn colours were out.

Autumn trees

Autumn trees


Next stop; Stockholm.


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