The Cabin in the Woods

My year abroad in Norway consisted of many adventures. This was one of the first.

For my friend Louise’s 23rd birthday (whose budget fashion blog can be found here ), she arranged for about 17 of us to stay in a cabin for a night. Being the team workers that we are we all brought something for dinner, breakfast or lunch.

A disposable BBQ churned out 40 hot dogs in Norwegian ‘lompers’ (potato wraps which are nicer than they sound) with ketchup and we even had 1.8kg of chocolate and marshmallows for pudding.
The cabin itself was lovely and authentic; no electricity, running water or modern toilet. Water for hot chocolate had to be collected from the nearby stream and boiled. It was actually rather nice under candle light, cooking marshmallows, chatting and playing charades for 4 hours.

In the morning I went to explore after hearing about a waterfall nearby. I felt like quite the adventurer hopping from rock to rock and weaving through the forest, following the sound of splashing, to find it in a small clearing. When I got back they were all waiting for me as the bus left in an hour. Woops.

And all this a walk away from public transport. Amazing.

The Cabin and the waterfall

The Cabin and the waterfall


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